With or Without a Bugaboo

Have you been to the Bugaboo website (www.bugaboo.com) lately? You know the company, they make those fabulous strollers that everyone seems to be ‘driving’ these days.Bugaboo Stroller

I swear, in another life I would have been one of those moms who had the Bugaboo stroller and walks around downtown, sipping her tall non fat latte, while wearing heels. Instead I traded in my SUV for a mini van, my dreams of a stylish Bugaboo stroller were replaced with a twin stroller (Peg Perego, mind you) and wearing heels is about a ‘once a month’ occurrence.

Even though I never made it into the ‘elite stroller group’ I can still dream of fabulous walks through art galleries and markets in cities around the globe with my little ones. Bugaboo has a link on their site for day-trips (stroller friendly of course) in some pretty fabulous cities. Check out www.bugaboodaytrips.com.

One of my favorite cities, Copenhagen has a day-trip mapped out that includes a visit to a dragon play ground and a stop at the Danish Design Center. A girl can dream….

Twins, Triplets and Travel

This week we serviced a family traveling with 16 month old triplets. That meant 3 Car Seats, 3 High Chairs and 3 Cribs!

It reminded me of the days when we first started to travel with our twins. In the early days it was just the logistics of how to fly with two infants. Then, when they were a little bit older we worried about how to bring all their stuff with us. Now we wonder about how to entertain/contain them while on vacation.

There are some good articles out there for parents of multiples who are planning trips. A quick google search on ‘travel with twins’ will bring up a lot of interesting results (including a strange story on flying with conjoined twins). The best web source I found for ‘parent to parent’ info on traveling with multiples was at http://parents.berkeley.edu/

At One Tiny Suitcase (www.onetinysuitcase.ca) we also provide discounts and special rates for parents traveling with multiples. We’ve been there, we know how much stuff you need.

Like the father of triplets said to me, “If we don’t start traveling now, we never will.”

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

I wanted to let everyone know about a great book that came across my desk this week for traveling with kids. Shelly Rivoli’s book called Travels With Baby (www.travelswithbaby.com) is on sale right now at Amazon.com.

The book covers everything from travel by planes, trains and automobiles (and even cruise ships). Lots of practical advice and recommendations for services to make your vacation family friendly.

Thank you Shelley for including One Tiny Suitcase as one of only 3 Canadian Baby  Equipment Rentals companies with  your seal of approval! Now that you are going to be a famous author, we’ll add you to our list of celebrity clients!

Babymoon Luxury

I have always wanted to stay at a ‘W’ Hotel.

W Hotels (www.whotels.com) are modern, sleek, fabulous looking properties that seem so chic they have long been on my list of “places to stay”. But…that was before I traveled with 3 year old twins in tow. Now I am in search of hotels with water-slides and separate bedrooms.

One regret I do have is never taking a Babymoon (a pre-baby, totally pregnant, getaway). The W Hotels offer a ‘Baby Me’ package that sounds soooooo good. Their welcome package rivals mom-to-be loot bags given away at fancy award shows (including a Skip Hop diaper bag, onesie, magazine subscriptions and more) !

With a menu called ‘womb service’ it will definately feel like you are at a home away from home, but this home has room service with ice cream sundaes!


I want a Sky Nanny!

I am so excited. We were thinking of taking a trip to Hawaii or Disneyland but I may have just found the perfect destination. Dubai? I keep seeing pictures of these fabulous buildings, indoor skiing, beaches…sounds good to me but the clincher might just be Gulf Air.

Ever heard of a Sky Nanny? No, she isn’t some mythical creature that effortlessly transports your kids to your vacation destination. Wait a minute, maybe she is. A Sky Nanny is Gulf Air’s answer to the stress of air travel with children. An attendant on board, dedicated to looking after young passengers. They say, “With Sky Nannies on board, every child will enjoy that special bit of attention – whether it’s a snack during the movie or help with a tricky bit of colouring.” Sounds sublime.

Gulf Air (www.gulfair.com) doesn’t fly to my usual warm weather vacation spots but maybe one day.

Besides, I’m not sure I can convince my family that Dubai is our next vacation hot spot, but just the thought of a Sky Nanny on our next flight makes me day dream. Any chance that Air Canada will come up with a Canadian version of a Sky Nanny?
Pret a bebe maybe?

Truely Family Friendly?

I don’t know about you but I’ve given up on trying to find the cheapest hotel to rest my head when we go traveling. Sure, a bed and a roof over our head was great for pre-kids trips through Europe. But with two toddlers in two,  I want comfort and convenience (at a good price of course!) when looking for a hotel.

That’s why I have been so impressed to find Hotels that actually encourage family travel. The Delta chain (for Canadian Travel www.deltahotels.com) is one example of going the extra mile to welcome kids. Several of their properties offer babysitting services (thank you!), socket protectors to baby proof your room, complimentary night lights, story time, and play rooms.

When we venture away from home I am always looking for a good deal, but that doesn’t always mean the lowest price. Those little extras that make it easier traveling with kids hold a lot of value for me! Now all I need to find is a Restaurant that let’s my kids watch Treehouse TV while we eat!