I want a Sky Nanny!

I am so excited. We were thinking of taking a trip to Hawaii or Disneyland but I may have just found the perfect destination. Dubai? I keep seeing pictures of these fabulous buildings, indoor skiing, beaches…sounds good to me but the clincher might just be Gulf Air.

Ever heard of a Sky Nanny? No, she isn’t some mythical creature that effortlessly transports your kids to your vacation destination. Wait a minute, maybe she is. A Sky Nanny is Gulf Air’s answer to the stress of air travel with children. An attendant on board, dedicated to looking after young passengers. They say, “With Sky Nannies on board, every child will enjoy that special bit of attention – whether it’s a snack during the movie or help with a tricky bit of colouring.” Sounds sublime.

Gulf Air (www.gulfair.com) doesn’t fly to my usual warm weather vacation spots but maybe one day.

Besides, I’m not sure I can convince my family that Dubai is our next vacation hot spot, but just the thought of a Sky Nanny on our next flight makes me day dream. Any chance that Air Canada will come up with a Canadian version of a Sky Nanny?
Pret a bebe maybe?