Twins, Triplets and Travel

This week we serviced a family traveling with 16 month old triplets. That meant 3 Car Seats, 3 High Chairs and 3 Cribs!

It reminded me of the days when we first started to travel with our twins. In the early days it was just the logistics of how to fly with two infants. Then, when they were a little bit older we worried about how to bring all their stuff with us. Now we wonder about how to entertain/contain them while on vacation.

There are some good articles out there for parents of multiples who are planning trips. A quick google search on ‘travel with twins’ will bring up a lot of interesting results (including a strange story on flying with conjoined twins). The best web source I found for ‘parent to parent’ info on traveling with multiples was at

At One Tiny Suitcase ( we also provide discounts and special rates for parents traveling with multiples. We’ve been there, we know how much stuff you need.

Like the father of triplets said to me, “If we don’t start traveling now, we never will.”