With or Without a Bugaboo

Have you been to the Bugaboo website (www.bugaboo.com) lately? You know the company, they make those fabulous strollers that everyone seems to be ‘driving’ these days.Bugaboo Stroller

I swear, in another life I would have been one of those moms who had the Bugaboo stroller and walks around downtown, sipping her tall non fat latte, while wearing heels. Instead I traded in my SUV for a mini van, my dreams of a stylish Bugaboo stroller were replaced with a twin stroller (Peg Perego, mind you) and wearing heels is about a ‘once a month’ occurrence.

Even though I never made it into the ‘elite stroller group’ I can still dream of fabulous walks through art galleries and markets in cities around the globe with my little ones. Bugaboo has a link on their site for day-trips (stroller friendly of course) in some pretty fabulous cities. Check out www.bugaboodaytrips.com.

One of my favorite cities, Copenhagen has a day-trip mapped out that includes a visit to a dragon play ground and a stop at the Danish Design Center. A girl can dream….