Eco-friendly Family Travel

Family travel with less of an impact on the environment? Travel with kids can be challenging enough, when I went looking for eco-friendly travel tips I had to make sure they were family-friendly too.

When considering your mode of transportation keep in mind that air travel leaves the biggest impact on the environment compared to that same trip by train, bus or car. If your destination requires a long haul flight, try to choose a flight that is direct. Take off and landing uses a considerable amount of fuel.  Not only will your baby have a chance to catch some zzzzz’s on a direct flight you won’t have to get on and off the plane mid flight.

Another option for travelers is purchasing Carbon Offset Credits against your flight. This system has been set up so that travelers can purchase emission reduction credits from a company that will then use that money to do things like planting trees and supporting renewable energy products (ex: wind power).  It won’t lessen the impact of the flight you just took but it is one method to try and reduce your environmental footprint…after all, isn’t Mother Nature a part of the family?

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