V.Kid- Virgin Atlantic Airways

Virgin Atlantic Airline www.virgin-atlantic.comjust announced that they are now offering car seats for use on their flights. Parents who purchase a seat for their infant/toddler can now request one of these seats when booking their flight. This is no BRITAX though (thank you British Airways), see pictures below:

The seats look less than comfortable but I guess you have to sacrifice something. And besides, Virgin also offers a special menu for kids including a fish stick option, over 35 Nintendo games with their inflight entertainment system and a special V.Kid backpack filled with fun things to do. What more could a parent ask for?

(If you are a parent and are saying to  yourself, “there has to be more” check out our previous post titled British Airways & BRITAX).



Eco-friendly Hotels

Calgary\'s One Tiny SuitcaseCan your next destination be Family friendly & Eco-friendly? Of course. After all, isn’t mother nature a part of the family? 

Choosing your accommodation can be done with an eco-friendly state of mind. We’ve all seen hotels that ask guests to reuse towels but have you ever stayed at a hotel that uses compact fluorescent bulbs, has a recycling program, or using non-toxic or biodegradable cleaning products? They are out there; ask your hotel if they are an Eco-Friendly Accommodation.

Maybe you have a favorite place to stay that is a bit behind the green movement…there are ways to reduce your impact here too. Turn down the heating or air conditioning in your room when you leave, turn the lights off and ask housekeeping not to change your sheets every day to save water and energy in laundering them.

Check out this link to find an eco-friendly hotel at your destination!



How to be a rock star on your next family vacation!

Okay, we admit it…we are big Bonjovi fans (well at least my mom is). So when we heard that Tico Torres (the drummer in the band BonJovi) had designed a line of ultra cool baby gear we had to see more. Who puts on more miles than a rock star? He obviously knew the features that parents on the go need because this stroller has it all!

The Rock Star Baby Strollers (www.rockstarbaby.com) are an ultra-cool, Bugaboo-like, lean mean strolling machine.

When it comes to travel why not travel like a Rock Star? The Rock Star Baby Stroller is now available for rent from One Tiny Suitcase (www.onetinysuitcase.ca) . With or without the bassinet attachment (and just for the record, our stroller does not include the skull and cross bone detail but instead sports the very cool Rock Star Baby logo) your baby will look cool on the streets of Calgary and Banff!

A Hybrid for your next vacation?

When planning a family vacation one of the essentials is often a rental car at your final destination. With kids, car seats, luggage and more the city bus just may not cut it.

Your stroller seems pretty environmentally friendly, it is mom-powered.  Well, you may need another mode of transportation when you arrive at your destination. Why not rent a Hybrid car? There are car rental agencies that specialize in providing hybrid vehicles for rent and some that offer some vehicles that run on alternate types of fuel.

EV Rentals www.evrental.com  has locations in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Phoenix, AZ and its newest location in Las Vegas, NV.  Not only will you be helping to save the environment, you will also save some money (reduced gas costs) while on vacation!

Environmentally friendly hybrid-electric cars

Family Trip Planning and Packing

Budget Travel magazine ( a staple for families) published an article recently that gave families tips on how to plan and pack for their next vacation.

Budget Travel Magazine

They suggest letting children start packing their own mini suitcase at the age of 3 or 4, the abundance of anti-bacterial wipes needed, and they also recommended using a Baby Equipment Rental Service while on your trip for all that bulky baby gear.


I’m always happy to see Travel Publications promoting services like ours. Just this weekend I was contacted by a frantic mother at the Calgary Airport who arrived at the Rental Car counter to get the car she had reserved only to find out that they did not have a Car Seat available for her 6 month old child. She had requested a Car Seat at the time of her reservation but this Car Rental company (like all the others) will not guarantee you a child’s car seat when you arrive. Many parents don’t know that and then get stuck at the airport waiting for another family to return a car with a Car Seat in it. What a way to start off your vacation?

We were able to help that mother find a Car Seat rental and I made sure to let her know that renting from a Baby Equipment Rental company like ours, (www.onetinysuitcase.ca) would guarantee her Car Seat reservation.

Visit www.budgetravel.com to see the whole article.