How to be a rock star on your next family vacation!

Okay, we admit it…we are big Bonjovi fans (well at least my mom is). So when we heard that Tico Torres (the drummer in the band BonJovi) had designed a line of ultra cool baby gear we had to see more. Who puts on more miles than a rock star? He obviously knew the features that parents on the go need because this stroller has it all!

The Rock Star Baby Strollers ( are an ultra-cool, Bugaboo-like, lean mean strolling machine.

When it comes to travel why not travel like a Rock Star? The Rock Star Baby Stroller is now available for rent from One Tiny Suitcase ( . With or without the bassinet attachment (and just for the record, our stroller does not include the skull and cross bone detail but instead sports the very cool Rock Star Baby logo) your baby will look cool on the streets of Calgary and Banff!