Eco-friendly Hotels

Calgary\'s One Tiny SuitcaseCan your next destination be Family friendly & Eco-friendly? Of course. After all, isn’t mother nature a part of the family? 

Choosing your accommodation can be done with an eco-friendly state of mind. We’ve all seen hotels that ask guests to reuse towels but have you ever stayed at a hotel that uses compact fluorescent bulbs, has a recycling program, or using non-toxic or biodegradable cleaning products? They are out there; ask your hotel if they are an Eco-Friendly Accommodation.

Maybe you have a favorite place to stay that is a bit behind the green movement…there are ways to reduce your impact here too. Turn down the heating or air conditioning in your room when you leave, turn the lights off and ask housekeeping not to change your sheets every day to save water and energy in laundering them.

Check out this link to find an eco-friendly hotel at your destination!