Stampede’s Private Party

With the old Cowboys location officially demolished for this year’s Stampede many wondered where the next great party would be. The city approved a huge tent downtown called the Wild Horse Saloon for party goers to celebrate this year’s event. Even though I am sure the Wild Horse will not disappoint, there is another new party in town this year that I thought you might be interested in…
Calgary Stampede Kid\'s Party

The Calgary Stampede is now offering Children’s Parties on the grounds. Fully equipped with a “Party Wrangler” (their term, not mine) this package includes everything from party favors and a themed cake, to transportation to and from the event for 15 of your child’s closest friends. As if kid’s birthday parties weren’t big enough, now you can include a trip to the world’s greatest outdoor show on earth, top that!

The only difference between the party going on at the Wild Horse and the Children’s Party at the Calgary Stampede (besides huge tubs filled with beer) will be the lack of Cougars roaming the crowd. Ahhh, it’s great not be single anymore.