New Digs in Paris

One of my customers recently rented a PEG PEREGO Aria Stroller from us. She said that she saw the women of Pairs strolling with these Italian beauties (strollers that is) and wanted to try one out for herself.

Peg Perego Aria Stroller

Peg Perego Aria Stroller

That got me dreaming of Paris….mostly about the ‘pain de chocolat’ my husband and I enjoyed there years ago. Now that we have two children, I wondered how different Paris might be?

A quick search turned up a fabulous website called Digsville. This home exchange site opened my eyes to a whole new way to travel as a family. Listings are sorted by region with queries such as “toddler/stroller equipment available” and “car available”. What a great way to see some of the world’s best cities! Check it out at

Vomit at 30,000 feet?

The other day I was talking with a Grandmother about a recent visit from her Granddaughter. She was telling me how great the visit had been right up until they got to the airport when her 2 year old granddaughter starting vomiting.

That made me recall a trip with my then 18 month old twins when my daughter threw up all over seat 18F on a Westjet flight to Honolulu (I guess my plan to keep her content on the flight with milk, uh…kind of backfired).

I’m sure you have had an experience where you or your little one got unexpectedly ill and needed a receptacle in a hurry. Well, finally someone has created an airline-style vomit bag that is chic and sassy!

My friend Tara Ramos, mother, world traveller and super chic lady created the “Morning Chicness Bag” after a long pregnancy with daily ‘morning sickness’.

Morning Chicness Bags
Morning Chicness Bags

The bags were designed with morning sickness in mind but I can think of many situations where it would be nice to have one stashed in my car, the diaper bag, the RV, etc. The airlines might want to consider these super-cool versions. Visit her website to order these great bags!

Peapod Pop Up and more great tips!

Family + budget + travel. This is how most of us look at family travel.

Budget Travel magazine always has some neat features, tips & guides for families who like to travel. Check out their travel tips section:

Check out their website for tips from other travelers. This month they have highlighted a tip from a family that went backpacking to Europe with their daughter and brought only the Peapod Pop Up Tent/Travel Bed for her to sleep in.

KidCo's Travel Bed


I can’t stress enough the importance of getting your kids used to sleeping in a new bed BEFORE you travel (or just make sure there is a crib at your destination to ensure everyone gets a good night’s sleep!).

BRITAX- a safety leader

Okay, I admit it- I love BRITAX car seats.

BRITAX car seats

BRITAX car seats

Since starting my baby equipment rental business in 2006 I started carrying the BRITAX Roundabout and Marathon car seats.

After using these fabulous seats, I can’t recommend anything else.

They are comfortable, easy to use, easy to install and most importantly- one of the safest car seats on the market.

Check out BRITAX’s website for tips on traveling with young children, car seat safety information and the article:  

How & When to Use A Car Seat This Summer

Big Blue Buggys

We get lots of calls from parents who are traveling to Walt Disney World. The great stroller debate has been on for years. Do you bring your own stroller or rent one a the theme park?

Up until recently I have always encouraged parents to rent a stroller from Disney: it won’t get damaged on route, they are always available, and who wouldn’t love to drive a big blue plastic buggy?

Well, in true Disney fashion, they realized they have a hold on this market. Stroller rental prices have skyrocketed in the last couple of months to the tune of $31 for a double

Can’t you get a compact car rental for around $30/day?

Not responsible for damage!

How many times have you heard this from an airline? They warn you, if you check your stroller (gate check or otherwise) with us, we will not be responsible for any damage that it may suffer.

Imagine landing in some far away land, gathering your bags and going to retrieve your stroller only to find that it is now twisted, missing a wheel or worse yet dirtier than when you checked it in with the airline! I’ve heard too many stories of airlines damaging strollers and then claiming they are not responsible for the damage.

Here is just one example: American Airlines website clearly states, “American is not responsible for damage to any stroller not properly packed in original packaging.” Original packaging, that’s right- the box it came in when you bought it!

This may be the time to leave your precious ‘Bee’ at home!

Palace for a Princesse

Quebec city is celebrating it’s 400th anniversary this year. With all that pomp and circumstance it makes me think of royalty.

For the ultimate experience, a visit to the Fairmont’s Chateau Frontenac is a must. One activity that caught my eye was their Fairytale Princess Package. With a two night stay in the ‘Grace of Monaco’ Suite (the same room that Princess Grace of Monaco stayed in 1969), you receive a Princess outfit, a framed photo of your little Princess in her castle, Princess shirt and nightgown with candies, a horse drawn carriage ride in the streets of Old Québec, dinner at Le Champlain restaurant and complete VIP status throughout your stay.

At $3950 for the two night package, the Fairytale Princess Package is on par with a trip to Disney’s Cinderella Castle. But, a girl can dream……….