Breastpumps & Travel

I have been giving this one a lot of thought…My babies were always with me when I travelled. I was a devoted MEDELA breastpump user so I could express milk anywhere I went.

But, there can definitely be some logistical challenges when it comes to pumping your breastmilk at the airport or even on a long haul flight. Vehicle adapters, battery packs, cooler bags- it can be a lot of gear!

I have talked to other moms though who travel without their children and bring a breastpump with them to keep up their supply or to store the milk and bring it home with them (what a great gift to bring home from your travels!)

One of my favorite bloggers has a great article on the subject of Breastpumping and Travel. Check it out

I also love the idea of wearing the Easy Expression nursing bra under your shirt so you can be ‘hands free’ if you need to be!