High Chair or Antique?

I was at a swanky restaurant for lunch the other day (a rare occasion with no children). The meal was wonderful, my crab cake even came with a fresh crab claw positioned on top!

As I looked around the restaurant I noticed that there weren’t any other children around (this must be the power lunch crowd). Then a mother and her toddler arrived to join her husband for lunch. The server wheeled out what I thought was an antique. It turned out to be the Restaurant’s high chair! I don’t think I have seen a high chair that old in years. The mom was delighted when she saw the chair at the table and said, “Oh, they have one!”

I tried to google a picture of it but I think it must have been manufactured, pre-internet days.

Why is it that as parents were are just happy when a restaurant has a high chair? Why, when we are paying designer prices for our meal, do we not expect designer high chairs (or at least ones that conform to today’s safety standards?)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, if only I could change the world…my suggestion in the meantime- take along a ZOOPER Hook Chair. Clean, comfortable, safe and oh so chic!

Kids and Winding Roads

My kids got used to taking road trips when they were only a few months old. My mom and I used to take the babies (twins) hiking in Banff when they were around 3 months old. It was a great way to get away! Luckily in my neck of the woods there aren’t too many windy roads to worry about.

When the kids were 18 months we found ourselves on a winding road in Kaui (Hawaii). The road wound up the mountain and back down. About half way down my son starting throwing up in the backseat from motion sickness. Luckily my mom was there and she could sense something was about to ‘come up’ and was able to minimize the mess with a well placed plastic bag!

I’ve heard that the Road to Hana (Maui, Hawaii) is known for lots of twists and turns. That is one road that will be a little less travelled when we are there in a few weeks. It got me thinking though- there must be some home remedies or tricks to cure motion sickness for kids.
Check out these great resources:



Packing Tips on ParentsTV

Parents Magazine has always been a good source of useful information. I still read back issues at the library when I am in need of some good “parenting practices” (i.e. the kids are driving me crazy and I need a new perspective on how to deal with this whole mom + entrepreneur + wife + cook + dog walker + chauffeur thing).

I found a new feature to the Parents.com website…Parents.tv! This special site has instructional videos on everything for parents. The one I really liked was for Tips on Packing for a Vacation. Go to www.parents.tv and search for the video on Travelling with Kids!



Packing tips video.

Disney’s Birthday Bash

Free admission to Disney? Nothing comes for free at Disney’s theme parks, until now.

For 2009 Disney Parks are offering free admission to anyone (over the age of 3)on their birthday. You can pre-order your free ticket or show up on the day of your birthday (with proof of birth date) and receive free admission.

Visit: http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/disneyparks/en_US/WhatWillYouCelebrate/index?name=FreeonYourBirthdayPage

Now that would be a birthday party! Rides, candy, characters…very hard to top that for next year’s party. With some theme park tickets starting at $59 for a 3 year old, you might want to schedule your visit around a birthday.