Quantas for kids

Good friends of ours will soon be moving back to New Zealand. World travellers already, I am sure they will have no trouble getting their two kids ‘home’ on an around the world trip.

Lucky for them Quantas Air seems to be quite advanced in the art of keeping kids happy on board. I checked them out and found out they have a ‘feed kids first’ policy. They actually serve the kids their meals (specially selected food for kids if you pre-order) before the adults, to keep them in good spirits.

Their website even mentions that they will have baby food, cereals, extra diapers and wipes available for ’emergency use’. Wow! I can recall a recent ’emergency’ aboard a Canadian carrier where the mother dealing with the ’emergency’ had to go row to row asking other parents if she could borrow a diaper.

A great kids program and airplanes with Kangaroo tails. What could be better than that?

Quantas Air for kids

Tech Savvy Travel

6 months ago I was pretty low-tech. But on our last family vacation I embraced technology.

We landed in Kahului, HI at 10:30pm and picked up our rental car (installing the kid’s car seats in the dark). As we left the parking lot we fired up the TOMTOM gps system, I checked email on my BLACKBERRY, we put the new Tinkerbell DVD into the kid’s personal DVD player and made our way to the house we were staying at. DVD's in car travel

Once at the house, my Laptop helped us decide which beaches were family friendly and we drove there listening to the kid’s favorite songs on the IPOD.

Aside from the fact that this new travel gear of ours comes with a lot of different cords, my laptop is just one more step at Airport Security and the kids ears are just a little too small for the IPOD earbuds- this equipment keeps everyone happy while we are away from home.

One of my favorite sayings has always been, “Life is a journey, not a destination”. And although I want the kids to soak in all the new things on our ‘journeys’, I enjoy the journey much more when everyone is happy. Thank you DISNEY, SONY, BLAKCBERRY, DELL, TOMTOM & MAC for a fabulous family vacation!

Travel Value

These days there is a lot of talk about finding extra value when you vacation. Hotel rooms are on sale, tours are being discounted- it is a great time to take a vacation.

It got me to thinking about some of the travel values in my own city. Did you know that luggage carts are FREE at the Calgary Airport? Calgary Airport Luggage CartsI hate landing in a different country and having to search for the right currency in the right denomination just to get a cart for your bags (especially with two kids at my side).

How about Calgary Transit’s free fare zone? If your hotel is at one end of Calgary’s downtown and you want to go shopping on the other end of downtown, just hop on the train- for free. And just for the record, you can fit a PEG PEREGO double stroller on the train in the middle of Calgary’s Stampede!

At One Tiny Suitcase we are eager to help our clients find extra value when they are traveling. We rent items for as little as $5 (First Year’s Baby Gate) and provide free linens and set up for our full size crib rentals. Check our website regularly for special offers too. This month we are offering the EDDIE BAUER car seat for only $35/week.

Happy Travels!

Go go baby!

There are some really cool products on the market for travelling with kids and I see a lot of them.

On our last flight to Maui we chose to use the gogo Kidz Travelmates so we could wheel the twins right up to the gate in their favorite (and safest) car seats, the BRITAX Roundabouts. There is about a 30 minute walk in the Vancouver airport from the domestic arrivals to the International departures and the gogo Kidz allowed us to get there super fast. The kids just leaned back and enjoyed the ride! img00008gogocalgary1

For the holiday season we will be renting out a selection of gogo Kidz Travelmates for your holiday travels ($35/trip).

You might also be interested in the CARES harness (on sale right now for $55.95 at (www.amazon.com ). As with everything, make sure you check out the customer reviews before deciding which travel accessory is right for you. This one has been getting mixed reviews and can only be used on certain airlines.

The Sit n Stroll car seat/strollercombination from by Lily Gold is also another option to get you to the gate and on your way. A much bigger investment at around $250, you can pick one of these up online (www.strollerdepot.com).

Calgary Car Seat Rentals

I’m home, back on solid ground. Hawaii was wonderful, but it is time to get back to business!

To support all of those other parents out there who are travelling with kids this November we are offering a special discount on our EDDIE BAUER convertible car seat rentals. We have discounted these rentals to just $35/week. Compare that to the $10/day your Car Rental Agency will charge you for aeddiebauercarseatn ‘no name seat’.

Our Car Seat Rentals are just like the ones you use at home:

  • Rear-facing 5-30 lbs , between 19-32” and under 1 year
  • Forward facing 22-40 lbs, between 29-40”, and over 1 year
  • Easy adjusting 4-position headrest and seat recline
  • 5 point harness
  • UAS/LATCH equipped 

www.onetinysuitcase.ca 1-877 ONE TINY

Maui’s Ocean Center


On the list of ‘touristy must sees’ in Hawaii was the Maui Ocean Center. I have a real love/hate relationship with the creatures in the ocean. Although I think they are beautiful and majestic, I am also really nervous about meeting them in the wild…like while I am swimming! The ocean center was a great way to see these creatures close up!

I was impressed with their assortment of custom “Maui Ocean Center” stroller rentals (might just be a COMBI stroller with the Center’s logo embroidered on the hood). These strollers looked modern, comfortable and safe- a great way to see ‘the ocean’!

A Cameleon at the beach

Still in the  midst of my Maui vacation I had to report a Cameleon sighting at the beach today. I’ve been watching all the parents at the beach, studying every piece of equipment they have chosen to travel with. I’ve seen some unusual sites…from a straight-jacket-like infant life jacket to a Sun Tent the size of a hotel room.

The stroller choices are always the most interesting. I’ve seen Joggers, Umbrellas, 3 wheelers, and 4 wheelers. But today I saw the best beach buggy yet…the Bugaboo Cameleon ( I do have a love affair with anything from Bugaboo but this was exceptional). This was the first time I witnessed a mom casually strolling down the very sandy beach with her baby in a black bugaboo cameleon. She pushed the buggy effortlessly through the sand.


She had obviously reversed the stroller so the larger all-terrain wheels were pointed forward, but the stroller seemed to be so maneuverable. There was a 3 wheeled jogging stroller parked about 3 umbrellas down from her that I am sure had to be dragged backwards down the sand or carried from the stairs.

Did I mention that we were on the beach at the Four Seasons Maui? I had to remind myself of that when I saw the matching JJ Cole accessories come flying out of the Bugaboo Stroller one after the other.

Britax in Hawaii

This post comes from the heart of Hawaii. I have woken up half way through our family vacation in Maui. This trip with the kids at age 4 has been fabulous, much different than Hawaii with two 18 month olds.

One thing that has made this trip seemless is having two BRITAX car seats. The kids are used to them, they are super comfortable and extra safe.

We have been travelling on some one lane roads and winding highways. After reading about some of the head on collisions on Maui’s busiest stretch of highway- I made sure the kids had the safest carseats.

All I can say is MAHALO Britax!