Quantas for kids

Good friends of ours will soon be moving back to New Zealand. World travellers already, I am sure they will have no trouble getting their two kids ‘home’ on an around the world trip.

Lucky for them Quantas Air seems to be quite advanced in the art of keeping kids happy on board. I checked them out and found out they have a ‘feed kids first’ policy. They actually serve the kids their meals (specially selected food for kids if you pre-order) before the adults, to keep them in good spirits.

Their website even mentions that they will have baby food, cereals, extra diapers and wipes available for ’emergency use’. Wow! I can recall a recent ’emergency’ aboard a Canadian carrier where the mother dealing with the ’emergency’ had to go row to row asking other parents if she could borrow a diaper.

A great kids program and airplanes with Kangaroo tails. What could be better than that?

Quantas Air for kids