Baby we’ve got to go

It is not the first time I have had this question…”How do I get myself and my baby to the airport in a taxi without bringing my car seat?” But this week I really dug into the answers for one Mom heading home to Australia for the Holidays.

Lots of families don’t want the hassle of lugging their baby’s car seat out of their car, into a taxi, out of the taxi, into the airport, etc. It is a common problem. If you need to take a taxi to the airport for departure- how do you get there without your own car seat?

There are some options: I’ve blogged about this service before ( This New York city car serivce sounds wonderful. Professionally installed car seats, minivans with room for your stroller and parcels, trained and certified drivers. What a great way to get around!

It looks like Calgary has finally joined this trend. Kinder Car Service ( has several levels of service that include school pick ups and drop offs, etc. The owner said they are also able to do Calgary Airport pick ups and drop offs with prior arrangements. Yippee! Finally a safe and friendly option in Calgary. Thank you Kinder Car!


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