Car Rentals and Car Seat Rentals

This is the busiest weekend for travel of the year. I wanted to revisit the issue of child seat rentals with your car rental agency. gracobooster1

The problem has always been that although car rental agencies will supply seats, it was on a first come, first served basis. Many customers thought their child seat reservation was guaranteed with the car reservation, only to be stranded at the car rental agency waiting for a child seat to be returned by another customer.

I’ve been seeing some positive signs of change though. Alamo updated their website to include this information:

“Alamo offers Child Safety seats for rental at an additional per day charge (approx. $10/day). These child seats are safety-approved for infants and toddlers that weigh up to 40 lbs.
Availability and daily rental rates are guaranteed when you reserve the child safety seat with your Alamo vehicle for pick-ups at airport-serving locations in the United States and Canada. This product is subject to availability outside of the US.
Child safety seats must be requested at the time of reservation, at this time the child’s age may be requested.”

A new initiative in the UK ( is reminding parents of the car seat laws that are in place. It even goes so far as to remind visitors to make arrangements for car seats prior to their arrival. sip1

“Visitors to the UK from abroad must also use the correct child restraint for their children – there are no exceptions for them.  Family and friends expecting visitors should make sure that their visitors understand the rules. They may need to help them make arrangements so that children use the correct child restraint at all times.”

Wherever you are travelling this weekend, please make sure to check with your Car Rental Agency  prior to your arrival to see if they guarantee a child safety seat with your reservation.

Alternatively, renting one from a Baby Equipment Rental Agency like ours ( ) will guarantee your reservation of a specific make and model of car seat (