Vitals in the Calgary Herald

The Calgary Herald profiled One Tiny Suitcase in their newspaper last week. We appeared in the Real Life section under ‘Vitals’. Sounds good to me…car seats, cribs and strollers VITAL to a relaxing vacation.


Compiled by Michelle Magnan, Calgary Herald
Published: Tuesday, December 23, 2008
Equipment For Visiting Babies

SERVICE – if you have loved ones with babies who are coming to visit, you may want to let them know about a service in Calgary called one tiny suitcase.

The company offers baby equipment of all kinds, including car seats, toys, cribs and strollers, for rent.

To give you a taste of prices, daily rates for car seats range from $8 to $10 and weekly rates range from $48 to $60.

Pre-ordered items will be ready and waiting for pickup at the Calgary airport.

For more information or to book your rentals, visit or call 1-877-one-tiny.

Now isn’t that easier than stuffing a stroller into your suitcase?

Watch the One Tiny Suitcase interview on Breakfast Television Monday morning around 9:30! We’ll be talking about Baby Equipment Rentals and Family Travel. Come back to view the segment on our site!


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