Playpen or antique?

A few months ago I wrote a post about an ‘antique’ highchair I saw being offered at a fancy Calgary restaurant. Prior to that you can read my post about the unsafe playpen I found at a Banff Hotel. Well it hasn’t stopped…

Last week I had the chance to be in one of the fanciest hotels in Banff. There was a playpen the hotel had supplied in the room. I decided to get a closer look at the playpen… It was not a brand I recognized and was an unusual bright blue color (I am often updating our inventory and I am sure I have not seen this pack n play in any store in the last 3 years). The netting was in-tack but the warning labels were hanging off both sides of it. This loose fabric not only looked pretty rag-tag, it was not necessarily safe.

Why do hotels offer sub-standard baby equipment for their guests? If you paid a couple of hundred dollars per night for a room wouldn’t you expect a certain level of quality (and safety) with the equipment they supplied?

Speaking of playpens…Have you seen the ‘cadillac’ of all playpens featured yesterday on Breakfast Television ( ? Make sure you know what you are getting next time you travel.


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