All Zooped Up

Here is one of our newest Stroller Rentals. The Zooper Boogie has everything you need for a successful trip to Banff or just getting around town.

This stroller is part of our Baby Equipment Rentals and the Video is part of our series posted on YouTube to let our customers know a little bit more about the Travel products we carry.

In the news, in my kitchen

This was a great week for One Tiny Suitcase ( Great in part because we were asked to participate in a news story about women in business. Part of the process involved a photographer in my kitchen taking pictures of me ‘at work’.


It always stresses me out a bit when people come to the house to see ‘my office’. As a home based business person my office is often filled with kid’s toys, coffee cups and the odd load of laundry. 

For this shoot the photographer decided he wanted to start in the Kitchen.  Just after applying some much needed lipstick I made sure the dirty dish towels over my shoulder were out of site. I am sure you won’t be able to see the sink full of dirty dishes right next to where I was standing either.

Hopefully it will be a good shot of some of the equipment we carry (The Rock Star Baby Stroller, BRITAX Roundabout car seat, FISHER PRICE healthy care booster seat and PEG PEREGO Prima Pappa High Chair). I’ll link to the article once it comes out!

Peg Perego High Chairs

I was lucky enough to find two very well used Peg Perego high chairs when my twins were little. The peghighchairorangehigh chairs had obviously been used for several children ( I found them at a garage sale). I think one of them was actually 8 years old. They didn’t recline, there was a lot of shiny metal and old plastic but they had lockable wheels, removable trays and were height adjustable.

I fell in love with Peg Perego after using those high chairs.

When I opened my business ( I knew I wanted to carry these chairs…the modern versions and they only improved on an already great chair.

 Here is a video of the Peg Perego Prima Pappa High Chairs we carry in our inventory. As you can see they are full of features!

Breast Pump Carry-on Denied

Check out this story about a travelling mom who tried to take her Breast Pump as carry on through a Canadian Airport last week.


Security personnel questioned why a mother would be travelling with a breast pump and not a child with her. Obviously, there were not any ‘moms’ on duty that day.

BRITAX Marathon Car Seat Rentals

Here is one of our newest Car Seat Rentals. The BRITAX Marathon is one of those car seats, that everyone seems to recognize. The Marathon is one of the biggest car seats on the market, in part because it can be used from 5lbs all the way up to 65lbs. As convertible car seats go, this is the premium brand.

Our customers often request the same car seats they use at home when they are on vacation. That is why we started carrying the BRITAX Marathon- because of it’s popularity. BRITAX quality is unsurpassed and I like how easy they are to clean. Check out our website ( for videos on the other baby equipment rental products we carry.

Travel Savvy Mom Review

A big thank you to Travel Savvy Mom (one of the best family travel websites on the net) for their review of our service It sounds like the Jiang family enjoyed their Alberta adventure with the help of our baby equipment rentals.

Her review included The BRITAX Roundabout car seat which is one of our best sellers and is super easy to izooperboogie1nstall in a rental car. Our toy packages are also customized for each client based on the age of their child and what they enjoy playing with most.

As for the “nice, heavy duty stroller” the author said she saw another family picking up- that was the Zooper  (watch for a video review of that product shortly)

Eddie Bauer Pack n Play Instructions

Have you ever struggled trying to figure out how a new piece of baby equipment works? Every manufacturer seems to design them a little different. Pack n Plays can be tough. That’s why we created this video, to help you with the ins and outs of our equipment. 

Know exactly what you are getting and how it works, before you arrive. Any questions- just ask us! 

 Part 1 explains how to set up the Pack n Play:

Part 2 shows you how to attach the bassinet, change table and canopy:

Part 3 demonstrates how to take it down:

Rock Star Baby Stroller- 3 ways

Here is one of the single Strollers we carry in our inventory at One Tiny Suitcase (

We chose this stroller because it is so versatile. Many of our customers have used it as a Travel System with an infant car seat, the bassinet as a bed at night and the toddler seat if they had a slightly older child. With front suspension, a fully reclining seat and some really cool logos on the black fabric- this stroller makes a statement.

If you are looking to travel like a Rock Star- check out our previous post about the origins of the Rock Star Baby Stroller

Double Stroller by Peg Perego

This week we will be highlighting some of the products we carry at One Tiny Suitcase ( , Calgary’s premier baby equipment rental company.

The Peg Perego Aria Twin stroller is packed with features to make your travels easier. Here is a video to show you some of those features and a bit about why we chose this particular stroller as part of our inventory.


Crib Safety

I was surprised by yet another Crib recall this week. From Canada, Stork Craft is recalling over 400,000 cribs for problems with the support brackets that hold the bed base up. This is s similar problem to the one that led to recalls by Delta, Simplicity and others.

As a former Health aCrib Rentalsnd Safety Manager for an International Retailer- I know what goes into the product design, manufacturing and monitoring of Children’s products. Every aspect of the process is tracked. There are bad products on the market that are recalled for safety and quality issues. I also know that good products can be misused, improperly assembled and plain old just wear out.

My focus has always been on injury prevention and I take that part of my job, as a Baby Equipment Rental company ( owner, very seriously. The cribs we carry in our inventory are not part of this recall. We receive regular updates about product recalls and verify our inventory is current. Each product is inspected for damage, wear and missing parts on every order.

As a Consumer or I urge you to ask questions about the safety of the products you are given when travelling. Whether that is at a 5 Star Resort or at Grandma’s house. It is easy to check if a product has been recalled. You can do an on-line search at Health Canada’s website or the Consumer Product Safety Commission