Crib Safety

I was surprised by yet another Crib recall this week. From Canada, Stork Craft is recalling over 400,000 cribs for problems with the support brackets that hold the bed base up. This is s similar problem to the one that led to recalls by Delta, Simplicity and others.

As a former Health aCrib Rentalsnd Safety Manager for an International Retailer- I know what goes into the product design, manufacturing and monitoring of Children’s products. Every aspect of the process is tracked. There are bad products on the market that are recalled for safety and quality issues. I also know that good products can be misused, improperly assembled and plain old just wear out.

My focus has always been on injury prevention and I take that part of my job, as a Baby Equipment Rental company ( owner, very seriously. The cribs we carry in our inventory are not part of this recall. We receive regular updates about product recalls and verify our inventory is current. Each product is inspected for damage, wear and missing parts on every order.

As a Consumer or I urge you to ask questions about the safety of the products you are given when travelling. Whether that is at a 5 Star Resort or at Grandma’s house. It is easy to check if a product has been recalled. You can do an on-line search at Health Canada’s website or the Consumer Product Safety Commission