Breast pumps- The new carry on?

I was reading a very interesting article in the New Yorker today  about Breastfeeding, Breast Pumps and Mothers. As a big fan of Pumping (my twins were preemies and pumping enabled me to ‘breastfeed’ them) I thought the article raised a lot of relevant questions.

One Tiny Suitcase ( also received a call from a mother yesterday who was on vacation in the Calgary area and looking to rent a breast pump for an ’emergency’. Last year our business expanded to include Medela Breast Pump rentals We mostly rent outMedela breast pump rentals the Breast Pumps to new Moms in the Calgary area but we have had some travellers request them as well.

So it raised the question of how women travel and pump? I personally know of women who have travelled with their Breast Pumps as part of their carry on luggage and pumped while on the plane, in their hotel, in the car (those car adapters come in handy when you are parking in a parking lot). I used to bring expressed milk with us when we travelled because our flights were pretty short and packed my breast pump.

Medela evens makes the Pump in Style in a backpack format. Good for trekking? I’m not sure but the new Freestyle pump is hands free…

Calgary’s Global News

One Tiny Suitcase has been invited back to Calgary’s Global News Morning show. During my last appearance ( on this show I talked about tips for air travel with children during the busy holiday season.

We highlighted the gogoKidz travelmate ( that we were carrying and talked about some great ideas for a successful trip with your baby.


In February we will be back on the Global News Morning Show with some more great ideas for Family Travel.

We will also be selling some of our excess inventory of gogoKidz Travelmates from the busy Christmas season. Interested? Email

Oh yeah, Peg Perego Aria Oh Stroller

Another one of my favorite Peg Perego products has to be the ARIA stroller. I have had just about every version of the ARIA stroller (the Twin, the Aria Oh, the Aria Oh one hand) . These continue to be one of our most popular stroller rentals (

They are light weight, super stylish, full of features (like the carrying handle), can be used as a travel system with the infant car seat and of course Peg Perego quality.


If you are looking for a great light weight stroller for your next trip take a look at this video: Here you can see how it folds, reclines, the unique freedom of movement 5 point harness and the wheel options.

Read my post “New Digs in Paris” to see what one of our customers said about the Peg Perego Aria stroller.

People Soup in Banff

The last time we were in Banff with the kids we decided to stop in at the Banff Hot Springs ( .

We used to know of a ‘locals’ only way to get admission into one of the swanky hotels to use their outdoor hot pools but they have since discontinued that (darn it). The kids had never been to the outdoor Banff Hot Springs so we thought it would be fun.

AD 42404

They have a shallow pool for just for kids in the middle of the Hot Springs. Although it was very cool in the winter with snow and ice all over the sides of the pool, the kids thought it was awesome.

Unfortunately, the Hot Springs really drain my energy but they didn’t seem to have the same effect on the kids. I barely had enough strength to carry my daughter through the warm water. It is like being in a big bathtub or as some call it “People Soup”.

A family of four can gain access to the Hot Springs for around $22.50CDN. You can also download a Travel Alberta coupon at