Baby Bjorn On Board

babybjornWe have a customer coming to Calgary soon with 6 month old twins. She’s a little nervous about her first flight with the twins. I have recommended to her the use of a soft carrier like the Baby Bjorn.

I can remember when my own twins were 3 months old, we took them back to Winnipeg to meet the family. I was Baby Bjorn fan back then because the carriers allowed my husband and I to ‘get around’ each wearing a baby. My mom and I used them to navigate through the airport, through security and on to the plane for my baby’s first flight ( Looks like Brad and Angelina are fans too).

Once on board, the flight attendants seemed a bit ‘anxious’ about the carriers. We were instructed to remove the baby’s from the carrier and they even went so far as to ask us to remove the straps entirely from our bodies during the flight. They said it was in the interest of safety, so we removed them. It was tricky though trying to juggle a baby on your lap and put yourself back into a harness in the small confines of an airplane seat. Each subsequent flight (and crew) seemed to ask us to do something different with those Baby Bjorn carriers.

Have a look at Air Canada’s website will allow SNUGLI carriers but make no mention of any other brands.

  • SNUGLI® carriers are allowed for use on Air Canada flights, except during take-off, landing, taxiing on the runway and when the seat belt sign is on.
  • Probably just an over site (the webmaster at Air Canada probably thinks that we use the word SNUGLI the same way we call tissue KLEENEX). Be prepared for a few different requests from a few different flight attendants.