Recession Travel Rules

Frommers travel guides have always been in my suitcase.

In the early days of travel when my husband and I were backpacking in Europe it was actually a Let’s Go ( guide that was often found at the top of my pack.

We found that as we got older and our backs got a bit weaker, we liked Frommers guides for lots of reasons (the absence of hostels in their guides being the biggest reason).  

Frommers not only produces those softcover guides that you are probably familiar with. They have a great wefrommersguidebsite filled with lots of travel suggestions and one of the best Forums for travel I have been on.

They had an interesting article on there recently about travelling during this recession: 

Keep an eye on our website for a link to a new article coming out in a Canadian Magazine in the next couple of months. I will be providing some tips for budget family travel!