Baby Listening Services?

In the last two days I have watched two moms as they have left younger children locked in their vehicles in a parking lot while they took their other children inside for a class. Somehow, I am still surprised when I see this.

Even more surprising was coming across a service called, “Baby Listening”. asleep-baby

Apparently this service is offered at some hotels. Maybe surprised isn’t the word I am looking for…shocked seems like a more appropriate response.

One website described this service: “If you would like a meal on your own in the evening while your baby (hopefully!) sleeps peacefully upstairs, go for a hotel that offers a baby-listening service. This usually means that someone in reception will listen to your baby while you leave the phone off the hook in your room and they will come and find you if your baby becomes unsettled.”

Yes, travelling with children can be tough and yes a nice meal out sounds good, but I just can’t see under what circumstances this sounds like a good idea. Do the hotels not see any liability in charging a desk clerk with the responsibility of listening in for the sounds of a child choking or worse an intruder entering your room?

Madelaine McCann’s parents had hoped to use this service the night their daughter went missing during a family holiday in Portugal It was unavailable at their resort…

I’m sure there is a way to protect the safety of your children and still have an enjoyable vacation. I’ve had many.