Disneyland Wait Times

Looks like my hopes for beating all the crowds at Disney by taking an off-season (highly discounted) vacation are dashed. Read the latest article in Budget Travel Magazine about wait times at Disney: http://current.newsweek.com/budgettravel/2009/03/disney_wait_times_still_high_d.html?wpisrc=newsletter


My only question is- at age 4 (actually age 5- the twins are having their birthday at Disney this year) are my kids going to want to go on the ‘popular’ rides or are the kiddie rides pretty quiet?

If our trip to West Edmonton Mall’s Galazyland http://www.wem.ca/play/galaxyland.asp  is any indication, my daughter will want to go on the scariest rides while my husband, son and I try not to ‘toss our cookies’.