Multigenerational Trips

When we tell our friends that we are planning another trip with our parents- they usually give us a funny kind of look. Some people dread the idea of Sunday dinner with their families let alone a two week vacation in close quarters with their in-laws. I, on the other hand have enjoyed travelling with grandma, grandpa (and even Aunt and Uncle) on our family vacations.

I’ve heard these trips called Multigenerational Travel. Pretty fancy name, pretty simple concept. Travelling with your extended family lets everyone share in the experience. We often travel with my parents and the kids love the extra time they get to spend with granny and grandpa.

On our last trip we also stayed with my sister and her fiancee. My daughter found that her Aunty was very cool and the three of us ‘girls’ went together to get her ears pierced (a great travel memory).

Travelling with a larger group has also allowed us to stay at some pretty fantastic vacation rentals that were made more affordable by splitting the cost with another couple.  A little down time for my husband and I is nice too. We usually plan for at least one ‘night on the town’ when my parents stay back and put the kids to bed.

One of my best memories was on our last trip to Maui- watching my parents play in the sand and surf with my kids was great. Something we’ll all remember for years to come.hawaii065

Looking for tips on planning  your next Multigenerational Trip?