Girlfriend Getaway

Okay, so I never really took a Babymoon ( before the twins arrived. It sounds like such a novel concept. I was far too busy nesting (i.e. washing and rewashing all the baby clothes in the nursery and ironing sheets).

This week I took my first post-baby getaway. Yes, the twins are almost 5 years old now but this seemed like the right time to getaway with some girlfriends. Vegas baby, Vegas.

I boarded a plane at 5am on Sunday morning, more sleep deprived than usual. I sauntered effortlessly through Security while I watched other parents struggle to collapse strollers and hang on to wandering toddlers. Once on board I sat down in my seat and started to flip through a fashion magazine. It was very surreal… where were the children?

I had prepared myself for the worst in Vegas. I had heard stories of parents wheeling around tired toddlers at 2am on the strip. Strangely, I really didn’t see that many children on my trip. There were the odd Bumbleride and Bugaboo strollers making their way through the shops, but very few. rollercoaster

During my last day in Vegas, I sat poolside sipping a very expensive drink, sunning myself and watching the rollercoaster whiz by overhead. I though to myself, “This was a total child-free vacation”.

Only 3 days long but just long enough for the Twins to get the flu and for me to arrive back home for another sleep deprived night. Ah, motherhood.