Dad’s Road Trip

I’m married to Superman. No, not Clark Kent- but close.

He’s handsome, he’s always there in a crisis and he just gave me 4 days to myself while he took our twins on a cross country Canadian adventure.superman

Easter weekend came up really fast and originally we didn’t have any plans. My husband learned that he didn’t have to work for 4 days and decided to go back home to Manitoba to visit his parents. The kids were excited about a trip to the farm but I was unable to go due to too many One Tiny Suitcase ( bookings for the long weekend.

A 14 hour drive across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba (one-way) with two 4 year old twins, one mid-sized SUV, a DVD player, an IPOD loaded with Doodlebops songs and lots of snacks. They made it in one piece!

My husband had realistic expectations about how long the kids could go before getting a break. There were some restaurant stops, treats from the local gas station and lots of singing. We’re thinking about a sequel to this adventure later in the summer!

I on the other hand had 4 days in a big house that was very quiet. My boxer Pippen and I spent the weekend watching trashy TV, going for long walks together and getting 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night!