Cupcakes in Calgary

Food is a big part of any vacation for me. I don’t consider myself a foodie but maybe a carbaholic.soft-pretzel

In Germany it was the soft pretzels. I think one day I actually ate 3 of them.

In France it was the baguettes. We would start off every morning with them. baguette

In Denmark it was the chocolate spreads, wafers and anything filled with chocolate for breakfast.

In Hawaii it was the Aloha Bars (more sweets).

In Canada I am now hooked on gourmet cupcakes. My favorites are from CRAVE ( Nestled in a cute little store front in Calgary’s Kensington area, this bakery is as visually appealing as the treasures that come out of it.

My kids love going into this store and peering through the glass at the colorful cupcakes. My favorites are the minis (just the right amount of icing and cake) and the Cravolicious flavor (moist chocolate cake base with blue icing).

Definitely worth the trip and you can always take a leisurely walk along Calgary’s Bow River to work it all off!