Boarding the Baby Plane

This afternoon I talked to another mom who was so excited about her trip to Disneyland later this week. She had mapped out where they were going, how they would get there, what they could see…the only thing she didn’t have a plan for was how to keep her 3 year old entertained on the plane.


I feel so lucky to be as web savvy as I have become since opening One Tiny Suitcase ( in 2006. I wanted to say to her, “just do a search on some blogs”, but wasn’t sure she would understand. There is so much great information out there and here is another example of a traveling mama helping other moms with a great article (that was actually picked up on

Baby, Come Fly with Me: Stress-Free Airtime for the New Jet Set

Bags packed? Check. E-boarding passes in hand? Double check. Diapers, ear plugs, Ziploc bags, and dry baby food? Got ’em. Congratulations. Flying with a baby will be a thousand times easier because you’re prepared.

For many parents, even the thought of taking a baby on a plane is stressful. And no wonder — air travel can be a hassle for adults traveling alone. Add a small child to the mix, and there’s suddenly so much more to think about, not to mention so much more to pack….

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