Disneyland in Canadian Funds!

Okay, we leave for Disneyland in 3 short days. I’m notorious for leaving some travel planning to the last minute. This trip, it is tickets to the Disney Theme Parks.

When we booked our vacation (www.alaskaair.com) I was so excited at the great deal we got that I declined to buy Theme Park tickets through them because I was convinced I could get a better deal elsewhere. Turns out, Disneyland tickets never really go ‘on sale’. You can find $20 off here and there or a 5 day pass for the price of 3, yada, yada, yada.


I like hunting for bargains (hotels, airfares, and now Theme Park Tickets) so this was a challenge I was prepared to take on. What I have found is that 3 day Park Passes must be going like hot-cakes in my city (Calgary) because all of the local agents I talk to are sold out!

What I have found is that my local Disney Store (you know, the one in the Mall that sells all the licensed merchandise), sells theme park tickets. And yes, they too are sold out of the 3 day Passes. The little nugget of information that made my bargain-hunters-heart race: they sell their tickets in Canadian Funds!

A 4 day pass (all they have left) purchased through them was cheaper than a 3 day Pass with anyone else because of the exchange rate.

It’s as good a Disney deal as I think I am going to find. I’m prepared for $6 bottles of water and $10 ice cream cones when we get there!