Cosatto Travel Strollers

On our recent trip to Disneyland we were told by friends, in no uncertain terms, to use strollers for the twins. My kids were turning 5 years old while we were at Disney so it seemed a bit strange to be using strollers again but, when my mom friends give advice- I listen.

Thankfully, they were so right. We had thought about renting stroDisney 034llers at Disneyland but needed strollers to get from our hotel and back every day (about 1.5 miles one-way) so we decided to bring some with us from the One Tiny Suitcase ( inventory.

The COSATTO travel strollers were the best option: light weight, easy to fold, reclining, 5 point harness, etc. We’ve had great feedback from our customers about these strollers and everything they said was true.

I don’t know how we would have done Disneyland with just a regular umbrella stroller and a bigger stroller like a CHARIOT would have been completely impractical because of the need to fold and unfold the strollers so often.

The COSATTO‘s, pictured here at the Calgary International Airport, turned some heads in California!

We rent out this brand in Calgary for $6/day…a small price to pay for comfort and convenience at the Calgary Zoo or around town in Banff. Check out our selecton of Stroller and Baby Equipment Rentals at