Too Much Carry-on

I felt a bit like the Paparazzi at the Los Angeles International Airport the other day. My husband, kids and I were waiting for our flight when I noticed another young family in the waiting area.

What caught my eye wasn’t the family but more the family of luggage they had with them. The picture is a bit blurry, but I couldnt’ resist snapping a pick of this:

In the picture you can see their car seat (tipped over on the green piece of luggage), 2 fDisney 157ull size rolling suitcases, another green suitcase/shoulder bag and additional pink/blue bags. What you can’t see in the picture was Dad’s laptop case and mom’s purse. The toddler they had with them was burning off some energy before they boarded their flight.

I guess they were really taking advantage of the liberal carry-on luggage policies of their air carrier.

Are we going to see more of this with the extra baggage fees being imposed by major airlines?