Calgary Breast Pump Rentals

We had a request from a customer coming to Calgary on vacation… In addition to a car seat and stroller rental, she wanted to reserve a Medela Breast pump rental for use during her stay. She has a Medela Symphony breast pump at home but did not want to lug it on board the aircraft as part of her carry-on. We were happy to help:

Medela Breast Pump Rentals are now available at One Tiny  Suitcase in both Calgary and Edmonton. We carry Medela Symphony Breast Pump rentals. Rental Pricing $4.00 per Day and $99.00 per month.


Please contact One Tiny Suitcase and speak to a customer service representative to receive more details about this fabulous new service we’re offering. We even have a reservation system for those how know they will need a breast pump rental once their baby arrives. Make a reservation with your expected due date and then call us when baby arrives. We can usually have a pump to you within 24 hours!

Comments About Our Breast Pump Rentals: “I will definitely recommend your company to others…Thanks for the great service!”

The Medela Symphony Breast Pump is a multi-user, hospital-grade breastpump. When renting the pump, each user must purchase a pumping kit which contains the tubing, breast shields and bottles. Each kit also has a protective membrane component that allows the pump to provide suction without breastmilk ever interacting with the mechanism of the pump. Double Pumping kits are $79.00 for the kit. The kit is yours to keep and reuse whenever needed.

The surface of the pump itself is cleaned and sanitized when it is returned by each user.  Pumps such as the Pump in Style, Swing or other electric pumps are single-user products with no barrier to prevent breastmilk from reaching the pump mechanism. For that reason, pumps such as these should only be used by one individual and never rented, borrowed or purchased second-hand (even if used only once!).

About the Medela Symphony Breast Pump: Medela ( is the leading breastpump name in hospitals and with breastfeeding experts. Proven to reduce pumping time Symphony is Medela’s latest innovation in hospital-grade electric double pumps. With breakthrough 2-Phase Expression® pumping, Symphony is proven to reduce pumping time through faster let-down and milk flow.

Symphony implements the results of extensive research on electric breastpumps initiated by Medela® and conducted by internationally renowned lactation researcher Peter Hartmann, Ph.D. More efficient than ever—automatic or manual switch to expression mode for individual performance. Adaptable for the future—a program card supplies the necessary information for 2-Phase expression pumping. Clear & concise information—LCD display indicates the pumping mode, vacuum level, battery status and other handling and service information. One-knob comfort control—one knob combines vacuum level and the number of cycles per minute in the expression mode. Single or double pumping—switch between single and double pumping simply by applying or removing the second Collection Kit to the breast .

Live in Calgary or Edmonton? Call us: logo

Canadian Baby Equipment Rentals

I was at a very swanky party earlier this week. There were tents, a grand piano, and an unusually high proportion of people I had only ever seen and heard on TV before. Not my usual scene…

During a conversation with a member of very handsome 4some of Canadian male singers, he mentioned how it was a difficult life trying to travel with his group and leaving his wife and infant son at home. Their touring schedule included many stops that were only a day or two each in duration. He was planning on bringing wife and baby along on future tour stops.

I was happy to share details of a Canada-wide group of baby equipment rental companies who are here to help with making Baby Travel a little easier. Not a celebrity? That’s okay, rates start as low as $5/day!









Canadian Camping

I grew up camping in some of Canada’s most beautiful regions. It was a great part of my childhood and taught me some great skills. Now that I have two children of my own, I want to show them all the wonderful aspects of being in the outdoors.

After having twins, our days of throwing a few things in a backpack and grabbing out tent was gone. Luckily, we inherited a vintage camper/trailer right around the time the twins were 2 years old.

Our Boler ( has seen us through the last couple of years and enabled us to show our kids what camping is all about. It’s nothing fancy and pretty small but it keep us warm and dry. Here are some photos of our ‘egg on wheeels’.

Our Boler

Our Boler

Newly added bunk beds this year
Newly added bunk beds this year

Now, that we have started to outgrow the Boler we are looking into getting something a little bigger. We are going to try and rent a few different types of trailers before deciding what to buy. If you are looking for RV rentals in Calgary check out these sites:

Vehicle Safety Ratings

Have you seen the new car seat by BRITAX? The Advocate, has Side Impact Cushion technology (extra padding on the outer sides of the seat). An upgrade to the internal padding that is part of their Side Impact Protection system.


I was speaking to a gentleman in his 70’s last night about car seat safety (we delivered him two BRITAX Roundabout car seats for his great grandchildren). He marvelled at the level of safety protecting kids in vehicles today.

A health and safety professional for most of his career, he was impressed with how far safety had come for kids in vehicles. As a former Health & Safety Officer myself, I’m happy to share my knowledge of current safety features with the customers I meet at One Tiny Suitcase

Most new parents know where to buy the safest car seat, have learned how to install it correctly and know how to secure theirchild in the seat. But, what vehicle are you putting it into? Was safety high on your list of priorities when picking your current vehicle?

Here is an interesting article that includes a Vehicle Buying Guide and what safety ratings and features to look for when selecting your vehicle.

There’s more to it than just airbags and ABS. Rollover ratings, accident avoidance features and even vehicle weight are all factors in the safety of your vehicle.

dodge caravan crash test

To see how well your vehicle did in Crash Test ratings go to:

Seattle Airport for Kids

When we travel I’m always on the lookout for the ‘best kids play area’ in airports. On our last trip through the Seattle Airport, I wasnt’ expecting much. We had a bit of a layover in between Los Angeles and Calgary so we were wandering around to kill some time.

We followed the sounds of happy children and to my amazement found this:


Seattle Airport’s answer to tired and weary travellers!

Welcome One Tiny Suitcase Edmonton

I’m super excited to announce the launch of One Tiny Suitcase’s Edmonton location. We’ve been in Calgary for the last 3 years working hard to service visitors and their families with premium Car Seats, Crib and Stroller rentals. That hard work has enabled us to grow the business into the city of Edmonton.


Please feel free to spread the word and pass on our web address to anyone you know looking for Baby Equipment Rentals in Edmonton.

Our line up of equipment includes brand new BRITAX car seats, a full range of PEG PEREGO strollers and MEDELA breast pumps. We are committed to providing the same high level of service in this vibrant city as we currently do in Calgary!

Budget Friendly Family Travel- on Global

One Tiny Suitcase has been asked to do another segment on Family Travel at the Global News studios in Calgary. As some of you know, I’m not a big fan of the ‘staycation’. On Monday I’ll give some tips for how to have a REAL vacation this summer without breaking the bank.

Watch for our segment on how to travel on a budget this summer, airing Monday June 15, 2009.

Have a look at a previous segment we did on Family Travel last year:

Vacation Club Safety

One of my favorite Child Safety experts, Samantha Wilson, has written a really good article on what questions to ask when leaving your children at a Vacation Club’s Kids Program

Lots of my friends have used these services on Cruise Lines and at all-inclusive resorts. I am still a bit wary. The idea of sunning myself on the deck uninterrupted or using the gym at my leisure on a holiday sounds good, but I haven’t even hired a babysitter yet, let alone a complete stranger.

IKEA's Smaland

IKEA's Smaland

The closest I have been to a Kid’s Club is the Smaland (kid’s playroom) at IKEA. I used to Manage the Safety Department for an IKEA location so I know the strict requirements that those employees are under and the rigid audit routines in place to ensure the area is safe.

Samantha encourages parents to ask ‘the tough questions’ and expect the right answers

It is not only your right to ask, “Who has first aid training here?” and “Where will the kids be taken in an emergency?” but it is one of those parental duties we have to keep our kids safe.

High Tech Camping

I hate to say it but one of the things I have started looking for when we go camping is the availability of WireleKOA Campgroundsss Internet.

I know, I know camping is supposed to be low-tech, time to unwind but I get wound up not having the ability to check my email for 3 days.

Thankfully, KOA campgrounds getme. Most of their campgrounds in Canada and the USA have WI-FI and many of them offer the service for free. 

My favorite campground in Canmore, Alberta has Free wireless internet…that might be why it’s my favorite actually.


Check out Spring Creek RV campground  if you are looking for a campground in the Rocky Mountains that is close enough to town that you could have a Grande White Mocha Americano (aka Starbucks) in your hands every morning. What better way to wake up?

Chatelaine Magazine

It’s been a big day around here. One Tiny Suitcase is growing and part of that growth includes coverage in some great magazines like Canada’s Chatelaine!


Chatelaine’s July 2009 issue includes an article on how to take a vacation on a budget. Writer Karan Smith included an interview with me about some of the cost cutting measures we have done as a family to enable us to continue travelling during this recession.

Here’s an exerpt of the article:

“Corbett says she’s perfected the art of saving on sustenance with her young twins. ‘I hate going to restaurants, ordering them a meal and then seeing them pick at it’, says the entrepreneur, who runs One Tiny Suitcase, a baby-gear-rental business.

Like many families, Corbett looks for a place to stay where she can do a load of laundry or barbeque a chicken. An those small savings…”

One Tiny Suitcase was also featured nationally in an article about working moms!