Disneyland’s Baby Care Center

As a mother of twins I have to remind myself that having twins does have it’s advantages. With the kids being the same age, I never really had to worry about accommodating a toddler and a baby at the same time.

In Disneyland I watched a lot of parents as one of them sat on the sidelines with the baby while they other took their eager toddler on the rides. My husband and I enjoyed being able to share all of the attractions with the kids- our family of 4 fit very nicely on most rides.

Even though my kids are 5 now, I was still curious to see what Disneyland would do for a Baby center. As with everything else on our trip to Disney, it did not disappoint. Disney 136

The Baby Care Center was surprisingly quiet when I went in. There were a few mother’s feeding babies in the Nursing room and several empty change tables. I was surprised to see the kitchen area stocked with a microwave, sink, containers of formula, etc.

The woman supervising the area (that also doubled as the lost children’s center) was eager to shDisney 138ow me the picture of Walt Disney himself as a baby, framed on the wall.

As a parent, I always appreciate a comfortable, well stocked family room and Disney certainly provided that. Check it out if you are looking for a quiet place to soothe a tired baby (or toddler)!Disney 140

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