Peg Perego Aria Twin

I’m on the hunt for another Peg Perego Aria Twin to add to the One Tiny Suitcase inventory. I’ve recommended this stroller before ariatwinfolded

The model we currently have is the 50/50 seat split and I really prefer it for use by our travelling families. The newest ARIAtwin model has a 60/40 seat split to accommodate an infant car seat on one side that would definitely be nice for an infant and a toddler.

When looking for another brand of double stroller to carry at One Tiny Suitcase I checked out a few other models of side by side doubles. The ZOOPER‘s are on my list of top strollers that are super tough, super stylish. The ZOOPER Tango has a lot of great features (independent reclining seats, removable armrests, large storage basket, etc.). The only problem I see with the Tango is that it weighs 29 lbs.

The Valco’s double stroller model called the Latitude 2 is tough but weighs a whopping 30lbs.

The Peg Perego Aria Twin weighs an amazing 20lbs and folds super flat. My favorite double stroller right now!

Oh and while I was at the store admiring the Aria Twin, I had a look at the new Peg Perego SI stroller- love the striped fabric. It’s on display right now at BoBebe Westhills in Calgary PegPeregoSI

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