High Tech Camping

I hate to say it but one of the things I have started looking for when we go camping is the availability of WireleKOA Campgroundsss Internet.

I know, I know camping is supposed to be low-tech, time to unwind but I get wound up not having the ability to check my email for 3 days.

Thankfully, KOA campgrounds getme. Most of their campgrounds in Canada and the USA have WI-FI and many of them offer the service for free. http://www.koa.com/wireless/ 

My favorite campground in Canmore, Alberta has Free wireless internet…that might be why it’s my favorite actually.


Check out Spring Creek RV campground  if you are looking for a campground in the Rocky Mountains that is close enough to town that you could have a Grande White Mocha Americano (aka Starbucks) in your hands every morning. What better way to wake up?

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