Vehicle Safety Ratings

Have you seen the new car seat by BRITAX? The Advocate, has Side Impact Cushion technology (extra padding on the outer sides of the seat). An upgrade to the internal padding that is part of their Side Impact Protection system.


I was speaking to a gentleman in his 70’s last night about car seat safety (we delivered him two BRITAX Roundabout car seats for his great grandchildren). He marvelled at the level of safety protecting kids in vehicles today.

A health and safety professional for most of his career, he was impressed with how far safety had come for kids in vehicles. As a former Health & Safety Officer myself, I’m happy to share my knowledge of current safety features with the customers I meet at One Tiny Suitcase

Most new parents know where to buy the safest car seat, have learned how to install it correctly and know how to secure theirchild in the seat. But, what vehicle are you putting it into? Was safety high on your list of priorities when picking your current vehicle?

Here is an interesting article that includes a Vehicle Buying Guide and what safety ratings and features to look for when selecting your vehicle.

There’s more to it than just airbags and ABS. Rollover ratings, accident avoidance features and even vehicle weight are all factors in the safety of your vehicle.

dodge caravan crash test

To see how well your vehicle did in Crash Test ratings go to: