Edmonton’s Galaxyland for Kids

If you’re planning a trip to Alberta’s capital city with kids you’re in luck. Edmonton, about 3 hours north of Calgary, is home to some great things to do with kids.

My husband had a meeting to attend up in Edmonton so the kids and I decided to tag along. Any time there is a hotel with a pool and the chance to go out for breakfast, the kids are interested. Little did they know we would be going to ‘mini-disneyland’ while we were there.

West Edmonton Mall (North America’s largest shopping/entertainment complex) is huge. My idea of fun on a vacation is not shopping with two 4 year olds, so I was glad to see the Mall had other activities and attractions that the kids were in to. galaxyland

We decided to spend some time at Galaxyland http://www.westedmall.com/play/galaxyland.asp, an indoor amusement park with rides and games. The kids were shocked and what they saw. I really think it was like a mini-disneyland for them. They loved the rides and probably could have ridden that roller coaster all day. Even the old school carousel was a ride that they could have gone on over and  over again.

We are planning our second trip there soon to check out the indoor Water Park!

Peg Perego Aria Twin

I’m on the hunt for another Peg Perego Aria Twin to add to the One Tiny Suitcase inventory. I’ve recommended this stroller before http://onetinysuitcase.ca/2009/01/19/double-stroller-by-peg-perego/. ariatwinfolded

The model we currently have is the 50/50 seat split and I really prefer it for use by our travelling families. The newest ARIAtwin model has a 60/40 seat split to accommodate an infant car seat on one side that would definitely be nice for an infant and a toddler.

When looking for another brand of double stroller to carry at One Tiny Suitcase I checked out a few other models of side by side doubles. The ZOOPER‘s are on my list of top strollers that are super tough, super stylish. The ZOOPER Tango http://www.zooper.com/Tango%20Products%20Zooper.html has a lot of great features (independent reclining seats, removable armrests, large storage basket, etc.). The only problem I see with the Tango is that it weighs 29 lbs.

The Valco’s double stroller model called the Latitude 2 is tough but weighs a whopping 30lbs.

The Peg Perego Aria Twin weighs an amazing 20lbs and folds super flat. My favorite double stroller right now!

Oh and while I was at the store admiring the Aria Twin, I had a look at the new Peg Perego SI stroller- love the striped fabric. It’s on display right now at BoBebe Westhills in Calgary www.bobebe.com PegPeregoSI

Disneyland’s Baby Care Center

As a mother of twins I have to remind myself that having twins does have it’s advantages. With the kids being the same age, I never really had to worry about accommodating a toddler and a baby at the same time.

In Disneyland I watched a lot of parents as one of them sat on the sidelines with the baby while they other took their eager toddler on the rides. My husband and I enjoyed being able to share all of the attractions with the kids- our family of 4 fit very nicely on most rides.

Even though my kids are 5 now, I was still curious to see what Disneyland would do for a Baby center. As with everything else on our trip to Disney, it did not disappoint. Disney 136

The Baby Care Center was surprisingly quiet when I went in. There were a few mother’s feeding babies in the Nursing room and several empty change tables. I was surprised to see the kitchen area stocked with a microwave, sink, containers of formula, etc.

The woman supervising the area (that also doubled as the lost children’s center) was eager to shDisney 138ow me the picture of Walt Disney himself as a baby, framed on the wall.

As a parent, I always appreciate a comfortable, well stocked family room and Disney certainly provided that. Check it out if you are looking for a quiet place to soothe a tired baby (or toddler)!Disney 140