Vacationing with Twins

My kids and I were at the wading pool today when I noticed another mom of multiples arrive with her double stroller. Her twins looked to be about 12 months old and it reminded me of the days when I used to try and get around with my twins. A trip to the wading pool was hard enough, vactioning required a lot of planning and patience!


There are some great resources out there for travelling with multiples. I like this article about Traveling with Twins.

One of my favorite clients were a couple traveling to Canmore from Winnipeg. It was their first major trip with their triplets. They were coming to the Rocky Mountains to go skiing and we outfitted their condo with 3 cribs & 3 high chairs. Luckily, they had a pretty spacious condo that could accommodate three babies!

We’ve taken our twins across Canada and through the US. Where do you take your twins and triplets?

COSATTO Stroller Rentals

The COSATTO travel strollers we carry in our Baby Equipment Rental are one of my favorite travel products. They are light weight strollers with a lot of the basic features you need.  No more bending down to push that awkward umbrella stroller.

If you would like a closer look at these Stroller rentals just view our latest video. We show you how to recline, fold, steer and adjust these great strollers:

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Johnston’s Canyon with your Stroller

We were recently hiking in Banff National Park on the Johnston’s Canyon trail. At this time of year the trail is filled with visitors from all over the world. I always love to see which strollers move effortlessly through the crowds and which ones should have been left back on the tour bus.

Johnston’s Canyon is a unique trail. Aside from the fact that at times the trail is a suspended platform over the top of a huge water filled gorge, you can actually take a stroller up to the Lower Falls on an easily accessible path.

There were some interesting strollers being used on the trail when I was there. I saw what looked to be a Japanese version of GRACO. Had it not been for the logo being spelled in Asian characters, I would have thought it was a run of the mill GRACO 4 wheel stroller. It struggled a bit on the trails because it was wide and square. quinny

The one stroller that seemed to have no problems on the trail was one by Quinny.

The Speedi is a 3 wheel jogger but a bit more narrow that most. That made passing it on the pathway easier for on-coming hikers. The child inside looked safe and comfortable with a good view of the scenery.

Banff Hiking with Baby

My kids reached a very cool milestone this weekend in Banff.

We have been hiking with our twins since they were 3 months old. We started out by each wearing one of them in a front facing Baby Bjorn carrier. When they got a little bigger we moved them to the MEC baby backpacks. We used our backpacks until the kids were 3 years old!


On Sunday, my husband and I decided that our backs could no longer support 40lbs each. It was finally time to try hiking with the kids without any child carriers.

We had a plan to make the trip ‘up’ pretty relaxed, not trying to get there quickly. We played “I Spy”, stopped for lots of water breaks AND each kid got 1 piggy back ride from me as we got closer to the summit.

When we made it to the top of Tunnell Mountain and looked out over the town of Banff I felt so proud of the kids. My husband and I agreed that we need to keep these family Hikes part of our leisure time together. It was a great experience for all of us!

My desire to get back into hiking was spurred on by a recent post on Savvy Mom’s website Heart Creek Trail is next on my list with the kids!

Bad Baby Equipment

Part of my job at One Tiny Suitcase involves delivering equipment to hotel rooms. I like to get there just before the customers arrive to set everything up in their room and make sure it is ready for them.

Today I was delivering equipment to a very family friendly hotel in Banff. Upon entering the guest’s suite, I noticed a high chair that had been taken out of the suite while housekeeping was cleaning the room foDamaged High Chairr the next guest. I had to do a double take. This poor old GRACO high chair had seen better days.
As you can see from the picture it is missing 1 cap on the leg making it unstable and had no strap or harness system in the seat.

This is not the first time I have come across dated, damaged baby equipment at hotels in the Calgary & Banff area. I’m sure this problem is not isolated to these areas either. Have a look at these previous posts dealing with the same issue:

It happens, equipment gets damaged, worn out and tired: replace it! If you are traveling and you are given substandard baby equipment, request a replacement. Hotels may not be focused on children’s product safety but you are. If something is damaged or broken, don’t use it.

Medela Breast Pump Rentals

So, the One Tiny Suitcase website ( is almost complete. My goal is to have a video demo for every product we carry so that our customers feel confident about renting equipment.

When it came to the MEDELA breast pump rentals we carry, a demo video just didn’t seem like a good idea….Breast Pumps are a pretty personal product, a demo could be tricky, you get the picture. What I decided to do instead was answer some of the basic questions new moms have about how to operate the breast pump.

I meet lots of new moms and many have never even seen a Breast Pump before. Well, here goes:

Please keep in mind that our MEDELA breast pump rentals include free delivery in Calgary (403-510-2005) & Edmonton (587-784-0212).  We are open 7 days a week and can usually have a pump to you in 24 hours. Delivered by moms for moms!

Free Fisher Price Booster Seat Rental

If you are traveling to Calgary, Banff or Edmonton this summer make sure you check out our Free Fisher Price Booster Seat Rental offer at One Tiny Suitcase.

With the rental of any other item, like our MEC baby backpacks, BRITAX car seats or PEG PEREGO strollers (just to name a few), you will receive a FREE booster seat rental as well.

This video demonstrates how easy the booster seat is to use and how you can customize it to suit your child’s age and ability. Use with the tray or without, change the seat’s height and fold it up for easy transport, this chair has it all.

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Chariot Stroller Rentals in Calgary

The CHARIOT stroller, a Calgary invention is known for it’s versatility and all around toughness.

As part of our baby equipment rental inventory, the Chariot Cabriolet converts from a tough jogger to an agile stroller in minutes.

Watch this video to see how you can customize the Chariot for all types of weather, 1 or 2 children, and different terrains.


Canada Day in Calgary

Happy Canada Day from One Tiny Suitcase, Alberta’s premier baby equipment rental company.

We’re gearing up for one of our busiest weeks of the year with the start of the Calgary Stampede. Here’s some gear to help you enjoy Calgary, the Stampede and maybe even a quick trip to Banff:

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