Pregnancy Travel

When I was pregnant with the twins we stuck pretty close to home. I was convinced they were going to come early (and they did). Our biggest trip was a 5 hour trip from Calgary to Jasper, Alberta. We stayed at our favorite resort, the Jasper Park Lodge.

pregnant travel

I can remember the car ride being pretty uncomfortable. My husband went skiing while I stayed at the Lodge trying to entertain me and my bloated belly.

Recently a pregnant friend of mine returned from a family trip to Mexico. They wanted to take one more trip before adding a 4th child to their family. Unfortunately, the whole family experienced some form of illness during their trip ranging from nausea to diarrhea to both…. She avoided much of the sickness until just before they boarded their flight home.

Her decription of being pregnant, nauseaus and confined to an airplane seat was disturbing.

It brings up the question of when does a Baby Moon turn into a Nightmare?

Here are some great tips and resources about air travel when you are pregnant:

Where have you travelled while pregnant?