Ziploc Bags are my new suitcase

I haven’t perfected the art of packing for a family vacation, not even close.

My husband and I used to travel to Europe with backpacks, bedrolls and a tent. One year I decided that our backpacks were too close to being over the airline’s weight limit so I decided to leave a few tent poles at home to conserve weight. Imagine my husband’s surprise when it started to rain in England and we were short one very important tent pole.

Now, when we travel with our twins I try to bring as much as we are allowed. If our baggage allowance is 2 pieces per person- I make it count.ziploc

On a few recent trips I have discovered a great use for the ZIPLOC Big Bags. These bags are like super-sized plastic bags with the classic ZIPLOC top closure and built in handles.

On long trips away from home I usually designate 1 Big Bag for the kid’s socks/undies. That way, when it is time to get dressed in the morning I can just grab that bag out of the Suitcase and find what I need. It helps keep everyone’s belongings organized in a big suitcase.

It works great to store wet bathing suits/towels after a swim too. When we go camping overnight, I use a Big Bag each for the kid’s clothes and tuck them up in one of the storage bins. So much easier than trying to fit a square suitcase into a curved bin!