SavvyMom Award

As a fellow nominee, I wanted to congratulate Shirley Broback, founder of Laughing Belly Productions for winning this year’s SavvyMom’s Mom Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

SavvyMom award

One Tiny Suitcase was included in the announcement, as a company that caught the judge’s eye (see full story). I’m really proud of the work that has gone into One Tiny Suitcase in the last 3 years and look forward to more years of growth.

Have a look at the One Tiny Suitcase Nomination and all the great Mompreneur businesses in this great Canadian contest here.


My Baby Equipment Rental company is still growing and we are always adding new products and services in Calgary & Edmonton. The feedback we get from our customers is what encourages us to keep providing exceptional service!

Thank you to everyone who voted!

Calgary Baby Show 2009

We’re busy getting ready for the 2009 Calgary Baby Show this Saturday & Sunday (October 3 & 4). This is Calgary’s biggest and best show for Expectant Parents and New Moms & Dads.

Calgary Baby Show

Our booth will be full of information on the products and services we offer New Parents. Our Baby Equipment Rental business has grown over the last 3 years to be Alberta’s largest Baby Equipment Rental Company with service in Calgary, Edmonton & Banff.

trade show2 001

Visit our booth at Stampede Park for exciting New products, Offers and Samples! We will have lots of staff on hand to answer any of your questions about renting Medela Breast Pumps, travel rentals and more.

trade show2 006

Car Seat Installation Made Easy

Some of our customers at One Tiny Suitcase are hesitant about installing their Car Seat Rentals. I always reRoundcommend renting the brand of car seat you use at home when travelling, but sometimes parents want to try out other models like the line of Britax Car Seats we carry.

 I’ve found the Britax car seats to be the easiest seats to install. The LATCH system is super easy to access and the seat can be reclined, harness adjusted, etc. quickly.


The Britax has always been my top pick, until now…I just saw a very cool new Car Seat being offered by Evenflo. I’ve never been a big fan of their products but this one caught my eye. The Symphony car seat with SureLatch.

This is a fairly basic car seat except when it comes to installation. Watch this quick video to see how easy it is to get the proper tension on the LATCH system when installing one of these seats.

Don’t be surprised if you see these seats pop up in our inventory of Car Seat Rentals. That is unless Britax comes out with their own version of SureLatch!

Some Sweetpea for your little Sweetpea

Many of our customers at One Tiny Suitcase Baby Equipment Rentals come to the area for a vacation or to visit family. Vacation rentals, Grandma’s house or a suite at a luxe downtown hotel  often include a kitchen. When you know you are going to be staying somewhere that has a kitchen you can plan for better food options that dining at local restaurants 7 days a week.

When we travelled when the babies were really young, it was important that we were able to find the same brands of food we used at home. I also liked being able to feed them in our hotel or at Granny’s house. Feeding time was a bit messy and a little stressful (the twins were always hungry at the same time!)Sweetpea

Many of my customers are requesting organic baby food with their Baby Equipment Rental orders. They are staying with friends or family and want to be able to feed their baby the same food she eats at home. Our most popular product has to be Sweetpea Baby Food. Organic, tasty, and frozen in little ice cube-shaped serving sizes. Yum. The food looks good enough for adults to eat.

If you are travelling to Calgary, Banff or Edmonton- make sure to add some Sweetpea Baby Food to your order. We’ll deliver to your accommodations and stock your freezer full.

Women’s Shelter Donation

Thank you to all of you who helped support the August feature on the blog. For every blog comment received, we made a cash donation to the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter .

asleep baby

The donation was made last week on behalf of One Tiny Suitcase. If you would like to make a donation to this charity you can click on this link to  make an online donation.

The prevention of family violence is important to me and we are pleased to be able to contribute to this charity.

Sweet Dreams

When my twins arrived it was a bit of a shock to my system. I used to nap for a couple of hours a day when I was pregnant! The disruption to my sleep was probably one of the biggest adjustments I had to make. I had trouble getting the kids to sleep through the night.

The first time the kids actually slept all the way through the night it was while we were on vacation at my parent’s cottage. I’m not sure if it was the fresh air or the peace and quiet but my husband and I were amazed!

Travel and baby’s good sleep habits don’t always go hand in hand. Lately, I’ve been getting calls from friends and customers about how to deal with the sleep disruption that is caused during holidays.

baby cribs

One of my friends called me frantically the other day asking if I knew of any devices to keep her son in his crib. They had just returned from holidays where she had slept in the same bed with her little guy. Once home, he couldn’t understand why mom’s bed wasn’t an option anymore and kept climbing out of his crib to sleep with her.  Trying to re-establish his sleep routine was driving her crazy.

A customer also called this week asking if we carried a mesh dome that would go over top of her pack n play to try and contain her son while on vacation in Calgary. She was desperate to find a way to keep him in his bed while they were sleeping away from home. Our Eddie Bauer pack n plays do include a mesh dome cover but are meant more for keeping bugs/sun off of your child if used outside.  

From my experience, trying to duplicate the sleeping environment your child has at home is the best way for everyone to get the rest they need. If she sleeps in a full size crib at home, you will want to make arrangements for that when you travel.

Not all kids will automatically sleep in a pack n play just because you are away from home. The mattress is significantly thinner, it is lower to the ground and a small sleeping surface.


Legos and Cereal: A no fly zone?

Budget Travel put out an article this week about 7 ways to Annoy a Flight Attendant

Looks like the tips that most parents get before getting on board with their child might just be the things that flight attendants hate most (legos? cereal?):


 Think that because you’re on an airplane you’re off-duty as a parent. Stop expecting us to have spare diapers, formula, medicine, toys, playing cards, or batteries for DVD players or Game Boys. It’s an airplane, not a 7-11. Take your kid to the restroom before you board. Leave the dry cereal and Legos at home and bring snacks and toys for your kids that won’t make a horrible mess.