Crib Rentals & Child Safety

This week Health Canada and US Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a major Crib recall. Many Simplicity drop side cribs are being recalled due to the suffocation hazard posed by the drop sides.

At One Tiny Suitcase, I often have customers asking detailed questions about the type of crib rentals we carry. I’m happy to report that none of the affected cribs from this recall are part of our inventory. In fact, none of the Crib Rentals we carry have drop sides.

Crib Rentals in Calgary & Edmonton

Our Gulliver Cribs have 4 solid sides (not a folding crib) and include a 4 inch mattress and fitted sheet. All of our sheets are laundered using Ivory Snow detergent and are 100% cotton.

When customers rent a crib from us we usually deliver and assemble it at their accommodations.

We want your child to sleep just as well as she does at home and that is why we only rent Full Size Wooden Cribs for your comfort and safety.

Stroller Damages

I had an interesting conversation with an Airline Rep the other day. We were talking about Baby Equipment and travel and she explained their policy on stroller damages to me.

This particular (and very popular family friendly) airline had a maximum $250 replacement/repair value foStroller Rentals in Calgary & Edmontonr strollers lost or damaged in transit. At first I thought that sounded generous. More generous than most airlines I have researched (see my previous post Not Responsible for Damage).

Have you seen the price of a good stroller lately? The Uppa Baby retails for $799, Peg Perego Skate $899 and the popular BOB jogging strollers are sold for about $450!


Think twice about trusting your expensive stroller to the luggage handlers at the airport. Not only will you not get replacement value for it, you will be without your precious wheels while the claim is processed!

On a side note, when I spoke with the employees of the Luggage Claims department, they strongly recommended the use of Car Seat bags like this one from Sunshine Kids. They see a lot of people take the wrong car seat home because they are  not labelled like luggage and a lot of damages from Car Seats not packaged safely.

Just a few tips I recently found out after loosing my own luggage on the way home!


Pregnancy Pillows on Your Baby Moon

Twitter is amazing. I can connect with so many cool people in the travel industry and in most cases we’ve never met. Such is the case with my ‘Sleep Guru’. I met my Guru one day on  Twitter when she was tweeting about ways to get better quality sleep. What a great topic!

I went on to find out that this Guru is the Sleep Concierge for the Benjamin Hotel in New York City. She alwSleep Conciergeays has great tips and tricks for getting ‘more’ out of your 8 hours but when I heard about the pillow menu I had to know more.

12 choices! 12 different kinds of pillows that you can have delivered to your room at the Benjamin.

The Pregnancy pillow and the Satin Beauty caught my eye. So many pregnant mama’s that take the last trip (Baby Moon) before baby arrives have trouble sleeping. Imagine, custom fitting your hotel bed to maximize your comfort during your stay. Sounds sooooooo good.

New York is on my list of places to go this year and now the Benjamin Hotel is too!

Travel Alberta Tips for Baby Travel

We were thrilled when we were contacted by a writer for Travel Alberta a few weeks ago.

Their Magazine (City Spice) was doing an article on travelling with kids in Alberta. Since opening our second location in Edmonton, I’d say we had a few tips that would be helpful!

Baby Equipment Rentals featured in Travel Alberta mag

Check out the spread in this month’s City Spice Magazine. The article includes information on our Baby Equipment Rentals, some of the gear we carry and even a quote from our One Tiny Suitcase Edmonton location gal on her recent Baby Moon gone awry.

Got Baby Travel questions? We’ve got answers. Drop us a line at

Westjet Fall Fair Pictures

The Westjet Fall Fair was wonderful this year.  I met a lot of great Westjetters and their families and got to ‘experience’ the new building (wow).

Here is a picture from the One Tiny Suitcase booth at the Fair:

Westjet airlines fair displaying Baby Equipment Rentals

Thanks to Westjet for including us in this year’s event and we look forward to serving many of your staff and guests in the future!