Pregnancy Pillows on Your Baby Moon

Twitter is amazing. I can connect with so many cool people in the travel industry and in most cases we’ve never met. Such is the case with my ‘Sleep Guru’. I met my Guru one day on  Twitter when she was tweeting about ways to get better quality sleep. What a great topic!

I went on to find out that this Guru is the Sleep Concierge for the Benjamin Hotel in New York City. She alwSleep Conciergeays has great tips and tricks for getting ‘more’ out of your 8 hours but when I heard about the pillow menu I had to know more.

12 choices! 12 different kinds of pillows that you can have delivered to your room at the Benjamin.

The Pregnancy pillow and the Satin Beauty caught my eye. So many pregnant mama’s that take the last trip (Baby Moon) before baby arrives have trouble sleeping. Imagine, custom fitting your hotel bed to maximize your comfort during your stay. Sounds sooooooo good.

New York is on my list of places to go this year and now the Benjamin Hotel is too!

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