Top 5 Preschooler Must Haves for a Flight

I’m about to embark on a post-holiday warm weather vacation with my two 5 year olds. I am meeting my husband and parents in Hawaii (thank goodness) but need to fly solo with my kids to get there.

I’ve been travelling with my twins since they were only a few months old but the type of gear we need changes every time we fly. For this trip I need to think ‘entertainment’.

They can easily walk through the airport (no need for my beloved GoGoKidz travelmates anymore), no car seats on board, no strollers for sight-seeing, no pack n plays to sleep in, etc.

Here are the Top 5 things you’ll find in my carry-on for this trip:

1. Nintendo DS- two of them: one pink and one blue! I love that the games for these are so small, makes it easy to pack.

2. IPOD- two of them: loaded with children’s music, podcasts from Nickleodeon and some music for Mom!

3. Usborne books 50 Things to Do on a Plane Things to do on a Plane

4. Portable DVD player: just in case the inflight television system goes down or the kids want to watch a movie.

5. Blackberry Smart Phone: my phone has gotten me out of a few sticky situations. Stuck in a line up, waiting to board the flight my kids know exactly where the games are on my phone!