Flying and Food

I recently flew with my 2 Five Year Olds under the new Security Restrictions for carry-on baggage. I was a little nervous about flying without our usual carry-on bags filled with lots of snacks and entertainment devices.

Our flights took us from Calgary to San Fransisco and then on to Kona, Hawaii.

I should have known when our flight was hours late leaving Calgary that things were not going to go according to plan. The kids had eaten a good breakfast but it wasn’t really time for lunch. I assumed we get something for them in San Fransisco before boarding the second leg of our trip. I’d packed a few snacks to keep them busy but nothing too elaborate.

When we were told to get off our United Airlines flight in San Fransisco and literally sprint to the next gate to catch our connection I knew we were in trouble.

Two hungry 5 year olds and a mom who has run out of snacks in her small carry-on bag. I was a bit panicked that the inflight meal service (snacks for purchase) would not come in time. Within about an hour and a half into the flight, the cart finally made it to my aisle. We were all starving.

Trying to make a meal out of an onboard menu designed for adults isn’t easy. The kids ended up eating chips and cookies for dinner. Thank goodness that seemed to tide them over.

Moral of my story: when travelling with kids food is #1 priority. When they are fed they are happy. All the Dvd’s and IPOD’s don’t compare to a belly full of good healthy food.