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This was the site at the Calgary Airport in January 2010. I was waiting for my luggage to arrive from our trip to Hawaii and noticed this poor car seat going by on the belt.

The airlines offer plastic bags to protect your car seats in transit but how much protection does that really provide?

On one mom’s first trip with her 4 week old daughter from Edmonton to Las Vegas she decided to travel with her Peg Perego Primo Viaggio infant car seat. This top of the line car seat is the one she brought her daughter home from the hospital in. She decided to check it in with Air Canada and was shocked to find that it didn’t make it home with her.

At 3am with a new-born baby in her arms she stood at the Edmonton International Airport waiting for her baby’s car seat to arrive. It did arrive….2 days later. The airline offered her a replacement seat to get home with but she was a bit nervous about putting her new baby in a convertible car seat (the only ones the airline had to loan her).

Here are some recommendations for Car Seat Bags if you choose to travel with yours:

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