Baby Safe Travel

Here is a Baby Travel site that I have found to be a great resource for the latest and greatest Gear. There are always new travel products coming on the market and this site seems to have them all.

Baby Safe Travel was started by a new mom after her first travel experience. Here is a very familiar story that led to the creation of this website,

“It all started with a bad experience at a hotel chain. We brought our baby with us on one of my husband’s business trips. We brought all of the essentials and wanted to use the hotels “crib” or “pack n play” for our baby to sleep in.

The hotel brought us a foul smelling and beat up bed for our baby. I was disgusted as a mother to have my baby sleep in this filthy play-yard.

So I called the front desk and requested another more suitable play-yard. The hotel staff brought us another one that was in worse condition and they said they only had two. We were also given a king sized sheet for this tiny baby crib, a strangulation hazard!”

Have a look at the Disney themed harnesses (I haven’t seen these anywhere else!) Baby Travel Items