Motorhome Rental in Calgary

Many of our clients are visiting the Calgary, Alberta area for the first time. Renting a Motorhome or RV is a popular choice for families.

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With big plans to hit the open road and start an adventure in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, we outfit families with the gear they need to get going.

From Child Seat Rentals to portable Baby Beds and travel cot rentals, we have the Baby Equipment Rentals you need to travel light.

Here is a great article about all the reasons RVing works for families from

Kids can be really fussy eaters
“Why waste money on food they don’t like, or appreciate, when you can prepare their favourite: quick meals, drinks and snacks, in your own kitchen. No need to go hunting for just the right restaurant that will suit the tastes of everyone in the family…”

Kids like to play with other kids
“Your children will make lots of new friends when you stop at a campground…”

Children like to keep busy, so take their toys
“there is no reason the children can’t find plenty to do if you pack their bikes, soccer ball, frisbee, rollerblades, or favorite games and toys. Even if the weather is bad, they can play games inside, read a book or watch a movie, when you use one of those storage areas in the RV for all their favorite things…”

Calgary & Edmonton’s premier baby equipment rental company.

We love our customers!

I’m always happy to hear from our customers after they return home from their family vacations.

Exhausted, unpacking, downloading photos and often going over in their heads what worked and what would they do differently on the next trip.

Here is a comment from one of our customers that visited Calgary

baby equipment rentals

Calgary Airport Pick Ups

One Tiny Suitcase at the Calgary Airport

Arriving at the Calgary International Airport with your baby? Arrange for a Car Seat or Stroller rental to be waiting for you!

At One Tiny Suitcase we have teamed up with Tourism Calgary to provide our customers with the convenience of a Calgary Airport drop off/pick up location.

Just place your order with One Tiny Suitcase and pick your baby equipment rentals up on the Arrivals level of the Calgary Airport. Open from 6am-11pm daily. What could be easier!


Travel Signs

When I embark on a trip I try to prepare for all the possible situations that could come up.

When I travel with my twins, I am usually thinking about bathroom accidents, extra snacks for delayed flights, changes of clothes, etc.

This week my husband and I went on our first child-free vacation in 5 years. I packed all the essentials: bathing suit, sunscreen, good book to read…

Two things I didn’t think I was going to encounter were:

This sign at the Denver Airport:denver airport

This signage on the patio door of my room at the Montelucia resort: “to prevent desert dwellers from entering your room, please keep doors closed”

desert dwellers warning

Camping in Alberta 2010

My family and I have been camping in and around Alberta for the last 10 years. We have a few favorite spots (ex:Beaver Flats in Kananaskis) and are always looking to try a new site.

Last year’s Boler has been replaced with the Wanderer. Now that the my twins are turning 6 we wanted the extra space. The larger RV means our choice of camping spots is a little bit more limited but there are still lots of choices.

Family camping in a Boler

Calgary RV camping

This year the ‘rush’ to find a camping spot has been made a little easier with the help of an online reservation system. Alberta Park’s website allows you to browse available campsites and pick a spot according to the services you need (power, water, sewer).

Having a reservation takes the guess-work out of whether or not you will find a spot on a busy Friday night.

Another favorite site for camping reservations in and around Banff National Park is Mount Kidd. If you can snag a reservation here you won’t be disappointed. Sitting in the hot tubs staring up the side of a beautiful mountain will be a memory you and your family never forget.